The Darkest Fire (Lords of the Underworld, #0.5 Prequel)

The Darkest Fire (Lords of the Underworld, #0.5 Prequel) - Gena Showalter I've never read anything by Gena Showalter before, but I've heard good things about her books.I decided to read the prequel first before jumping into the rest of the series. This was a really short story and didn't take me long at all to read. The premise was interesting, but I didn't quite understand why a Goddess was assigned to protect the wall of the Underworld that prevented demons from being unleashed to the world. But regardless, she falls in love with the other Guardian of the wall who was transformed from a man to a monster when he sells his soul to save his wife (at the time). For a short story it wasn't bad, but it wasn't my favorite paranormal romance I've read. Will still read the actually series sometime though.

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