Hex: A Witch and Angel Tale - Ramona  Wray I was pleasantly surprised by this book. Prime example of 'Don't judge a book by its cover'! The main character, Lily Crane, is a witch and does have a cat named Raisin, but that's where the similarities between the story and the cover end. Lily is unable to physically touch a human being without instantly learning about their life. It comes as a shock when not only does the most sought after guy, Ryder, asks her out, but she's able to touch him without finding out about his life.Ryder knows too much about Lily and it makes her uncomfortable, yet he's unable to explain to her exactly where he knows her from. Lucian, a new kid at school, also seems to know too much about not only Ryder but Lily as well. Lily can't seem to understand the connection between all of them but knows that magic is involved and past lives.This book was very enjoyable and highly recommended. :)

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