Quick-Fix Gluten Free

Quick-Fix Gluten Free - Robert Landolphi Quick-Fix Gluten Free was kindly provided to me by Netgalley for Andrews McMeel Publishing.Expected Publication Date: 8/23/2011This cookbook is a Gluten-Free recipe guide with foods that actually sound good; something that you might actually want to consume! Which, take it from me, I've searched high and low for decent sounding gluten free dishes and this one definitely gets your mouth watering. Only problem that I have is, and it's a total personal problem, is that these dishes are sometimes very labor intensive and aren't exactly quick. I have a pretty busy lifestyle and sometimes I just need a recipe where I can throw stuff together, heat it up, and call it done. But considering I'm gluten-free, that's not always easy for me (read, never). My other problem, personal again, is that I also tend to stay away from dairy and I can't have eggs, period. So a few of these recipes that I've taken note of to make in the near future will take some editing but overall I definitely like the looks of this cookbook, I have made some of these recipes with success, and will definitely keep this on hand to try more of his recipes in the future.Interested in more of my reviews? Visit my blog!

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