Bad Taste in Boys (Kate Grable #1)

Bad Taste in Boys (Kate Grable #1) - Carrie Harris I can’t remember the last time that a book made me laugh till I cried and made me feel like if I didn't stop reading right this second I just might wet myself. I think I timed this read at the perfect moment. I’m stuck at home on Friday night working from home… fortunately work is slow so all I have to do is sit here and… sit here. So I decide I’m going to start ‘Bad Taste for Boys’. My Friday night did a 180° to the point where I’m actually enjoying ‘working’ from home right now. :DKeep in mind, this book is meant to be funny… there is no seriousness involved, there is no world building, there are zombies, and NUMEROUS hysterical lines that had me dying to share them with someone.Kate Grable is the student trainer for her school’s football team. When Kate finds unmarked vials in the Coach’s office she immediately thinks he’s giving illegal steroids to the players in order to try and recover their losing season. Later that night at a party with her classmates, Mike, a football player, collapses and appears to be dead. As Kate examines him prior to the EMT’s arriving she finds a bruise on his arm that looks suspiciously like an injection site. Thinking that he’s dead and fearing the worst she’s scared out of her mind when Mike suddenly jumps up from the ground and proceeds to grab her butt. When she regains her senses and takes a good look at Mike there’s something about him… something’s different and she doesn’t know what. That’s when he kisses her suddenly... and takes a chunk of her lip!Being gnawed on had pushed me over the edge. Mike had always been a tool, but not the kind of tool who bit people when he had the munchies.It’s all up to Kate and a few of her friends to find the antidote in time to prevent the entire town from becoming mindless flesh-eating zombies!This book is highly recommended for anyone in dire need of a good giggle. :DInterested in more of my reviews? Visit my blog!

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