Sweet Macarons: Delectable French Confections for Every Day

Sweet Macarons: Delectable French Confections for Every Day - Mercotte Sweet Macarons was kindly provided to me by Netgalley for The Taunton PressExpected Publication Date: April 17, 2012Interested in more of my reviews? Visit my blog!So when I saw this cookbook being offered on Netgalley I was super excited and began having daydreams about all the beautiful macaron’s I could make since it was being displayed as being ‘gluten-free’ goodies. (The only goodies I can have so I was all over that). Unfortunately, my diet also consists of egg-free goodies. Yes, I am all kinds of broken. Now usually I’m able to use this nifty stuff I found called Energ-G Egg Replacer, but unfortunately it doesn’t work as an egg replacer in all recipes. Apparently macaron’s are one of those recipes it doesn’t work for. Eggs are a dominant ingredient in this book and from what I’ve read from various websites, the structure of the entire recipe would need to be altered in order for it to actually come out as intended.I still give this book high marks for the beautiful pictures, the delicious sounding recipes, and the detailed step-by-step guides.

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