Blackout (Newsflesh Trilogy, #3)

Blackout (Newsflesh Trilogy, #3) - Mira Grant 'This is as close as we could get to an ending. The world goes on. Zombies or no zombies, political conspiracy or no political conspiracy, the world goes on.I think I like it that way.'Ah, the end is finally here. Blackout: the highly anticipated final book in the Newsflesh trilogy. For those of you that have yet to read this series feel free to continue - no spoilers!When I first heard about Feed, I dismissed it immediately when 'political intrigue' and 'zombies' were put into the same descriptive sentence. I mean, really? How on earth could that possibly work without some serious eye-rolling? Well, Mira/Seanan managed to make it work and it was amazing. Seriously, these are the most well-written books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Exciting, intense, emotional and positively sensational.The single most thing that I love about this entire series is the obvious amount of research that was put into these. There will be pages where the book goes into detail about viruses and immunity and spontaneous amplification and I'll think I'm reading some sort of textbook... the most awesome textbook in existence. In the Acknowledgment section she thanks medical professional (human and animals), gun experts and even epidemiologists (medical scientists that study in the transmission and control of diseases - thanks Google!) that assisted her with the necessary research for these novels. That extreme detail makes this hands down the most believable zombie book/series in existence. I could go on for days about my love for this series but I'm going to restrain myself. I'm extremely sad that the series is over yet at the same time I'm extremely pleased with how well all the loose ends were tied up. The end was less than perfect but more than appropriate. I think fans of this series will be pleased. Mira/Seanan? Thank you.

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