The Innocents

The Innocents - Francesca Segal Thank you to Hyperion Books for my early copy of The Innocents!'The Innocents' is a story which delves into a man's pre-wedding fears and how he wavers between doing what he knows is right and what his heart is telling him. The story which is fashioned after Edith Wharton's 'The Age of Innocence' is a classic that I have yet to read so I can't be too sure how closely the two stories are. I don't believe that this would have been a story I would have snagged off the shelf to take home with me; however, I enjoyed it nonetheless. The detail given regarding the tight-knit Jewish community was interesting and informative at first but after some time became hard to swallow. More story and less historical information would have benefited this story in the long run.The writing itself was superb (especially considering this is Francesca Segal's debut novel) but the story itself fell a little flat for me. The main issue I had was an inability to connect with the characters and understand their motives, especially the main character Adam. I could understand his commitment doubts or wondering if he's made the right decision. I could even understand him falling out of love with Robert because it was apparent that their relationship had become stale/complacent over the years. The one thing I had a hard time understanding was his instant infatuation with Ellie. In my opinion I would have preferred for the story to leave her as the catalyst that really set everything in motion rather than the new love interest. Adam had had his doubts regarding taking the next big step to marriage before Ellie came into the picture but she was the one that really opened his eyes to a different path, a different life. I think making her the love interest made the whole story too predictable. Regardless, I did still enjoy it and I think fans of contemporary literature will enjoy this. I plan on keeping an eye out for more from Francesca Segal, she definitely has a talent for words.

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