Dumpsterotica: How Dirty Are You?

Dumpsterotica: How Dirty Are You? - Allie Beck I won a copy of this short story off of LibraryThing; however, I don’t actually recall entering it. I still figure I should be courteous and give the author the review she requested in exchange for a copy.As I said above, this was a very short story, only about 10 pages tops. The story is about Marcia and Joe, together for 4 years and married for 2. Suffice it to say Marcia and Joe don’t have the best of relationships. The opening of the story introduces Marcia as she’s ‘taking care of herself’ in the bathroom stall at work. The POV then switches to Joe who is in the middle of making restaurant reservations because he knows the only way he can get his wife to have sex with him is if he spends hundreds taking her out to dinner and buying expensive champagne. As Joe puts it, “Tonight he’d make love to her for the first time in nearly a month and he was eager to have sex with someone other than a woman whose last name was jpeg or gif.” Bottom line, I found this more sad than comedic as I think the story’s intentions were.The GoodI enjoyed the author’s writing style. She kept it interesting, intriguing, and I’d be interested in reading more from her. The Not So GoodThe whole sex in a dumpster? I don’t know but… it didn’t do it for me. It ended up being more funny than steamy. And for the record, that is a TERRIBLE waste of a good pat of butter. LOLI would be interested in continuing the story and seeing how Marcia and Joe’s relationship progresses.

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