The Mistress's Revenge

The Mistress's Revenge - Tamar Cohen This was definitely a strange one. Written in journal form (first-person) this was difficult to get into at first because since it's from Sally's point of view and Sally is literally going insane and you can't help but want to slap some sense into her it's a bit rough going at first. At least it was for me.So, the gist of the story is Sally was having an affair with this guy Clive for the past 5 years but as this type of story typically goes, Clive dumps her to spend more time and focus on his real family. That's about the time when she starts losing her marbles. She pretty much starts stalking him in real-life and on Facebook as well and I realize it's supposed to be sardonic but it was bordering on pathetic.The thing that bothered me the most about this was that if you had asked me after I had read the summary how old I think the main character is I would easily say late 20's/early 30's. The type of thinking that she's lost her only chance at happiness was quite immature. Well, I would have been wrong. Dead wrong. Sally is in her mid-40's. She has kids and a devoted partner and pretty much neglected them all and spent all her free time plotting revenge. I understand this is meant to be 'dark humor' but it was sad and I really felt sorry for the poor woman. I sure hope that when I'm in my mid-40's I have a higher sense of self-worth than she did.

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