If You Were Here

If You Were Here - Jen Lancaster Okay, so I love Jen Lancaster. I've read all of her memoirs, I follow her blog religiously, I get her twitter updates sent to my phone... the works. I even had the release date of this book marked on my calendar. What I'm trying to say here is, I was really looking forward to this book. Unfortunately... I couldn't get more than 3 pages in. If this had been labeled as another memoir I think I would have been able to tolerate it; however, this is her life in a nutshell but it's Mia, Mac, and her dog Duckie. (Seriously though? Duckie?) Anyways, she said she was doing a fictional novel and I was really interested in seeing what kind of story she came up with, but instead she edits her life slightly and slaps 'Fictional novel' on it. I think I was just looking for something a bit more original and not quite so 'Jen'.

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