The Wild Wood

The Wild Wood - Charles de Lint 3.5 starsThis is the third book that I've read in the Brian Froud's Faerielands series and is unfortunately my least favorite of the bunch so far. Brian Froud invited four of the top fantasy authors to pick their favorite piece of his work and write a story based upon it. The four authors and their respective books are: [b:Something Rich and Strange|81072|Something Rich and Strange|Patricia A. McKillip||2605626] by Patricia A. McKillip[b:The Wild Wood|186442|The Wild Wood|Charles de Lint||14299547] by Charles de Lint[b:The Wood Wife|463024|The Wood Wife|Terri Windling||1856525] by Terri Windling[b:Hannah's Garden|632900|Hannah's Garden|Midori Snyder||619197] by Midori SnyderThe Wild Wood tells the story of Eithnie, an artist who lives in a cabin in the woods who begins seeing creatures that she believes to be faeries in her art. She determines that they are reaching out to her for help but she isn't willing to believe at first that her encounters are anything more than a dream. Once she realizes that not only are the faerie real but that she's truly the only one that can help them stay alive she resolves to do whatever she can to help.

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