Tempest's Fury

Tempest's Fury  - Nicole Peeler 3.5 starsHeads up: Potential spoilers for those of you who have not read Books 1-4!Yet another action-packed story in the Jane True series! In Tempest's Fury, Jane, Anyan, and Blondie are off to England in order for Jane to fulfill her new role as Champion. The GoodI really enjoyed seeing Jane's transformation, especially after so many stories, into a powerful badass chick. Never lacking in snarky, Jane was still able to realize how important she was in this war and the need for her to step up to the plate and be the Champion that everyone needed her to be. Personally, I loved Jane's goofiness in past installments but loved how the author managed to mature her but at the same time keep her the same awesome character she's always been. Her new-found maturity extended into her new relationship with Anyan as well, but of course her libido was ever present. :DThe BadOkay so this isn't really BAD but it fits with my 'headline' theme. :) The one thing that I felt was lacking which obviously couldn't be helped due to location were all the characters from Rockabill! I missed Iris and Nill and Trill and Tracie and Grizzie. There were brief scenes where Jane spoke with them over the phone just to check in but it wasn't the same. Never quite realized what an integral part of the story they were until now. Will definitely look forward to the next installment where I hope they play a bigger role again. The UglyFinal page thought: Holy cliffhanger, batman.Seriously. That shit was brutal. Jaw was on the floor and everything. No I'm not going to tell you so don't ask but holy hell... Just be prepared, that's all I gotta say. And here I thought that this might be the final installment! No idea why I thought that but that is clearly not the case.

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