Code Name Verity

Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein, Morven Christie, Lucy Gaskell After reading the abundant amount of rave reviews and seeing all of the awards this book was both nominated for and won, I knew this was one worth checking out. While I didn't love it as many have, it was still a heart wrenching and devastating tale about two girls who are best friends that become lost to each other in the midst of WWII. This is a difficult story to discuss as it's saturated in potential spoilers. Albeit, it was a truly remarkable story but one you shouldn't take at face value for the narrator is the very definition of unreliable. The story definitely had an optical effect like that of a mirage, because what you see is definitely not as it truly is.I only give this 3 stars though because the technical aspects of planes and the war details was done in excess and overpowered the story at heart. While understandable why this was done, it still made for a long drawn out read. I personally recommend the audio of this as it made it infinitely easier to get through these sections (I had originally attempted to read this book and called it quits before I had even read very far. I am glad I re-attempted this on audio.) Even though I didn't care for the technical aspects, I really have to applaud the author on the extensive research that was obviously done to make this an extremely potent and plausible story of World War II. Code Name Verity is a moving and unforgettable tale that will leave you heartbroken and clutching your tissue box. Not speaking from experience or anything of course, just a guess. :)

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