The Shelters of Stone (Earth's Children #5)

The Shelters of Stone (Earth's Children, #5) - Jean M. Auel Ayla and Jondalar have finally made it back to his homeland in order to settle down and start their lives together. Ayla is pregnant and worried about whether she will be accepted by his people. Ayla shocks and amazes Jondalar's people/family with her talents as a healer, animal tamer, and her ability to create fire and she is accepted almost immediately.As with all Jean M. Auel books, 'The Shelters of Stone' is heavy on the detail and history of the land and people inhabiting it. The story doesn't build up to much in the end and I was a bit disappointed, especially since the ending was a tad expected. I waited almost a decade to read this because the size definitely frightened me and unfortunately her books can be a bit boring at times. I will probably be waiting at least another decade before deciding to delve into the last and final chapter in the Earth's Children series.

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