Nobody's Darling

Nobody's Darling - Teresa Medeiros 4.5 starsI’m not what you would consider a Western fan, so I use that as the reason it took me so long to finally get around to reading this book. Nobody’s Darling tells the story of Esmerelda Fine who travels out West to find the man who killed her brother: Billy Darling. She finds him in Calamity, New Mexico and intent on killing him attempts to shoot him. Next thing she knows, she wakes up in a jail cell with Billy staring down at her; she had fainted as soon as the first shot was fired. Esmerelda discovers that her brother is actually alive and she promptly hires Billy Darling to help her locate him. Throughout their travels together in search of her brother, Esmerelda realizes that Billy is something much more than she had originally thought and she fears that she’s falling in love with him… but he’s an outlaw. Why would he ever want anything to do with a woman like her?I have been a fan of Teresa Medeiros for quite some time now and I’m always pleased when I read yet another lovely book by her. Her characters always have chemistry that’s so honest that you can’t help but be touched by their love. This one certainly did not disappoint. :)

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