Twittering from the Circus of the Dead

Twittering from the Circus of the Dead - Joe Hill @TWITTERING It was just a family road trip to Colorado for snowboarding and skiing.8:47 PM - 6 Aug 13@TWITTERING The trip home turns disastrous when they stumble upon the #CircusoftheDead8:51 PM - 6 Aug 13@TWITTERING Stopping and taking a break sounds like a plan. Might as well take in some entertainment.8:54 PM - 6 Aug 13@TWITTERING The special effects are amazing but something is definitely off.8:56 PM - 6 Aug 13@TWITTERING Nobody takes it seriously. Those aren't real zombies after all. Zombies don't exist.8:59 PM - 6 Aug 13@TWITTERING Nothing goes according to plan. Not when you stop at #CircusoftheDead9:06PM - 6 Aug 13@TWITTERING #CircusoftheDead Creepy. Gruesome. Eerie. Full of startling horror.9:10PM - 6 Aug 13@TWITTERING #CircusoftheDead All too brief. Abrupt. Inconclusive.9:11PM - 6 Aug 13

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