Indiscretion - Charles Dubow A copy of Indiscretion was provided to me by William Morrow for review purposes.Indiscretionin·dis·cre·tion [in-di-skresh-uhn]noun1. The quality or state of being indiscreet; want of discretion; imprudence; rashness.2. An indiscreet or imprudent act; indiscreet behavior.3. A brief sexual liaison.'His betrayal was as natural as a disease, as a cancer that builds up quietly inside the body and then erupts unbidden when there is nothing else to keep it in check. And when it happened, it consumed him.'Indiscretion tells the story of the excitingly attractive couple Harry and Madeleine, and the seemingly innocent girl who came in to their lives only to destroy it completely. Claire became wholly absorbed in the lives of Harry and Madeleine equally, however, her love for Harry became much more prominent and as the story goes with many indiscretions, there was a moment of weakness which ended up spiraling out of control. '...he has discovered that there is something more, something he had never known about before, an extra dimension where time and space exist on a different plane. Like an explorer who has discovered an earthly paradise, he has lost his taste for the world beyond and all he can think of is crossing the snow bridge back to Shangri-la.'As Claire and Harry's fling continued it became clear that there was no turning back now and lives had already been irrevocably changed. But even if either of them could take back their actions, they had both become so intertwined in one another that life before the indiscretion became a blur, a life forgotten.'Why am I the narrator of this story? I am because it is the story of my life - and of the people I love most. I have tried to be as scrupulous as possible in my telling of it. I wasn't a participant in everything that happened, but after I knew the ending, I had to fill in the missing pieces through glimpses that meant nothing to me at the time, memories that flash back with new significance, old legal pads, sentences jotted down in notebooks and on the backs of aging photographs.'The narrator choice seemed quite unsuitable as Walter wasn't exactly one of the main characters but more like an onlooker reporting his findings. That's not particularly an issue in itself, but what was odd was the fact that many sections of the story never even involved him which left the question how he was able to remain a reliable narrator. Oftentimes there would be a random mentioning of 'Why do I know what happened? Well, Harry wrote it down. He's a writer and that's what he does and I read it and that's how I know' or something to that effect, It was a strange explanation and one that I didn't wholly accept. It seems the choice of narrator should be something that is flawlessly accepted which requires no specific explanation.The author is a self-professed fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald and it is clear it has influenced his style of writing greatly. I would also compare the style of writing to Diana Tartt's 'The Secret History' and also the story itself slightly as it tells the story of wealthy individuals and their downfall. The key with this type of storyline is to draw the readers in and not only keep them interested and invested in the characters themselves but still manage to draw a certain amount of compassion for them. I don't believe Dubow succeeded as well as he had intended as the characters failed to derive any sort of sympathy from me. The writing still managed to be stunning as a whole and kept me enrapt while the pages flew. Indiscretion is Charles Dubow's debut novel and an impressive one at that. *All quotes taken are from an uncorrected proof*

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