The Dream Thieves (The Raven Boys #2)

The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater My rating: 4 of 5 starsA copy of The Dream Thieves was provided to me by Scholastic Press/Netgalley for review purposes.The Dream Thieves is the story of a boy with the ability to make his dreams a reality, of a continued quest to uncover the lost Welsh King and the realization that time may be running out. I loved The Raven Boys, however I found the ending to be far too abrupt and introduced a fascinating storyline that just didn't give me enough. It felt like a pilot episode and left me eager for more but also left me disappointed. The Dream Thieves definitely solved that and then some. When I started this book I noticed a lack of a refresher and I struggled to recall particular details from The Raven Boys. I actually found a fabulous recap written by Maggie Stiefvater herself (here if you're interested) but oddly enough I ultimately didn't need it. While TDT is a continuation and second installment of a series it felt separate and completely new from the storyline that was previously established. What I loved most about this story was it took an even bigger leap into the fantasy and magical aspects whereas The Raven Boys merely trod the line. While fantasy is not my go-to genre, this type of fantasy is done in such a conventional way that blends well with the contemporary background the story is set in; it doesn't ever seem clunky and out of place. It's such a wonderfully inventive type of magic too. The ability to draw items from your dreams and have them become a reality? I love it.One thing which was done differently in TDT was that so much focus was placed on Ronan and Adam that the other characters became secondary characters and were oftentimes unessential. Blue's mother Maura and her fellow psychics had more of a place in the story than Blue herself and Noah was practically nonexistent (except for one incredibly unforgettable scene *sniff*). While I missed the shared distribution of characters, I did enjoy this in depth look into Ronan and finding out what makes him tick. Two new adversarial characters share a bit of the spotlight though: a fellow Aglionby student, Joseph Kavinsky, a ticking time bomb that is unknowingly effecting their search for Cabeswater and The Grey Man who is searching for the same thing.With a double dose of fantasy in a contemporary world and a hint of romance and eternal friendship, The Dream Thieves is an exciting follow-up to a spectacular series. It is a gorgeously written story with such a fresh and unique feel to it and of course sets the scene perfectly for the next book which I am already anticipating.

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