Linger (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #2)

Linger (Wolves of Mercy Falls Series #2) - 'This is a love story. I never knew there were so many kinds of love or that love could make people do so many different things.I never knew there were so many different ways to say goodbye.'Grace has never been sick a day in her life since the wolves attacked her when she was a child. Lately, she's been plagued by a constant headache and a fever that burns deep and has her fearing that this is much more than just the flu. Sam, now human despite the brutal Minnesota cold, still feels as if it's too good to be true.Cole is one of the new wolves that Beck turned before he changed for the last time. Cole was an interesting and multi-faceted character. An ex-rock star in his pre-wolf life that was a junkie on the road to disaster. When he was approached by Beck he agreed to the change seeking a respite from the life he had created for himself. Sam and Grace shared the stage with the introduction of the growing attraction between Isabelle and Cole. I found the two couples to be vastly different yet managed to complement each other in the story wonderfully. Maggie's writing remains vibrant and beautiful. There's really no other way to explain it... simple yet not. She's an amazing writer. I especially loved the small snippets we were given of Sam's poetry/song writing abilities. 'I'm an equation that only she solves/these X's and Y's by other names called/My way of dividing is desperately flawed/as I multiply days without her'The ending of Linger left me with little doubt that I needed to start Forever immediately. I needed to know the ending to the story even though I have a distinct feeling that it's going to break my heart. Here's hoping I'm wrong. :)

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